27 – 30 Nov 14 // Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City // CMS Berlin

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Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City

Internationales Symposium vom 27. bis 30. November 2014 am CMS der TU Berlin

Vom 27.-30. November findet das von den CMS-Assoziierten Claire Colomb (UCL, London) und Johannes Novy (BTU, Cottbus-Senftenberg) organisierte Symposium „Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City“ am Center for Metropolitan Studies statt. Hierbei wird es neben einer Reihe von Vorträgen auch zwei Filmvorführungen der Filme „Bye Bye Barcelona“ (28.11. im Taz-Café) und „Welcome Goodbye“ (29.11. in der Regebogenfabrik). Die Keynote-Vorträge am Eröffnungstag bestreiten Martin Selby (Liverpool John Moores University) und Matthias Bernt (IRS Erkner, Berlin):

Tourism has become one of the main economic development resources in many cities of the global North and of the global South. Urban leaders have promoted various initiatives and campaigns to support and expand the growth of the tourism sector in their cities in partnership with the private sector, mobilizing the cultural, social and physical capital present in their city in the process. The expansion and prioritization of the tourism sector in urban development strategies and the manifold impacts of the growing presence and prevalence of tourism on urban spaces and on the life of residents have generated new contestations of, and conflicts over, the visitor economy and tourism development in cities. These conflicts often seem to revolve around the negative effects tourism has, or is believed to have, on neighbourhoods, local communities and the urban environment; the way tourism’s costs and benefits are distributed; the role tourism plays in spatial restructuring and gentrification processes; and the aims and objectives of boosterist tourism policies at the local and regional levels.Thus far, the rise of urban tourism as a source of contention and dispute in urban social and political agendas has received relatively little systematic attention and analysis. Tied to an eponymous book project, the conference seeks to address this lacunae and will bring together researchers along with activists and practicioners

Center for Metropolitan Studies // Hardenbergstr. 16-18 // 10623 Berlin

>> mehr Informationen HIER // Programm pdf


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