21 Jan 14 // Tom Slater: Grieving for Lost Homes //CMS Berlin

Grieving for Lost Homes: Territorial Stigmatisation, the Rent Gap, and Displacement

Vortrag von Tom Slater bei der IGK Public Lecture Series 2013 // 21. Januar 2014 // 18:00 – 20:00

Im Rahmen des Internationalen Graduiertenkollegs Berlin – New York – Toronto am Center for Metropolitan Studies der TU Berlin findet in auch in diesem Semester eine Serie öffentlichen Vorlesungen statt – Die IGT Public Lecture Series. Am kommenden Dienstag wird Tom Slater von der University of Edinburgh vortragen: ”Grieving for Lost Homes: Territorial Stigmatisation, the Rent Gap, and Displacement”

The previous government’s focus on – and funding streams attached to – ‘neighbourhood renewal’ and ‘housing market renewal pathfinders’ has given way to a policy agenda bereft of area based regeneration initiatives. However, political and media discourses around disadvantage still include place-based phrases such as ‘welfare ghettos’ and the Minister for Work and Pensions has talked of ‘entire communities’ that have ‘sat on benefits for life’.

In this talk the concepts of territorial stigmatisation (Loic Wacquant) and the rent gap (Neil Smith) will be used explore the loss of place in gentrifying contexts.  Tom Slater argues that there is a direct relationship between the defamation of working class neighbourhoods and the process of gentrification and draws upon empirical data collected in one Edinburgh neighbourhood to illustrate how stigmatisation provided the groundwork and justification for a thorough transformation involving evictions, demolition, land clearance, and then the construction of housing and services aimed at a more affluent class of resident.  – http://www.fuse.ac.uk

Center for Metropolitan Studies  – Seminarraum 103 (1. Etage) // Hardenbergstraße 16-18   // 10623 Berlin

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