11 & 12 Apr 13 // The Crisis, Displacements, Cities, and Migrants // IFK Wien

The Crisis, Displacements, Cities, and Migrants

Internationale Konferenz an der IFK Wien vom 11.04. bis 12.04.2013

Das IFK Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften an der Kunstuniversität Linz  veranstaltet in Wien unter der Leitung von Ayşe Çağlar (Institut für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie der Universität Wien) eine zweitägige internationale Konferenz zur globalen Krise und deren Auswirkungen auf die Stadt. Diese seien zugleich Ausgangspunkt der Krise und Kristallisationspunkt für die politischen und sozialen Protestbewegungen gegen die globalen Finanzregime:

 The focus is on cities because they have emerged as significant actors and sites of struggle in the unfolding of the crisis, their fate(s) being shaped by the crisis, even as they respond to larger national, regional, and global forces. In this context contentious politics and social movements are emerging from cities. Migrants are a crucial part of all of these processes, but their roles remain largely unexamined. One of the objectives of this conference is to reflect on the effects of the crisis, particularly on culture-led urban development, on its discourses and policies, and — even more specifically — on their impact on European capitals of culture. Though the research being conducted in different European capitals (Vienna, Berlin, Budapest) and European Capitals of Culture (Linz, Essen, Pécs and Marseille) under the auspices of the WWTF project “Cityscalers” will contribute to the discussion, this conference will not be confined to these cities. It is important to explore the varied processes of urban renewal and focus on cities of different scalar positioning and geographical location in order to analyze the dynamics unleashed by the crises in terms of spatial and social displacements and the role of migrants in these processes. The conference will address questions of diversity (including, but not limited to, cultural diversity), as well as social and spatial displacements (including processes of gentrification) that mark contemporary urban life in a variety of cities.


  • Franco Bianchini (LSE London),
  • Judit Bodnár (Central European University, Budapest)
  • Claire Bullen (University of Manchester)
  • Nina Glick Schiller (University of Manchester)
  • Irena Guidikova (Council of Europe)
  • Alan Harding (University of Liverpool)
  • Florian Huber (Universität Wien)
  • Daniele Karasz (Universität Wien)
  • Winnie Lem (Trent University, Ontario)
  • Margit Mayer (FU Berlin)
  • Felix Ringel (Universität Wien)
  • Alexandra Sindrestean, (Universität Wien)
  • Ida Susser (City University New York)
  • Melinda Szabo (Central European University, Budapest)
  • Riza Baris Ülker ( TU Berlin)

Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.

IFK Wien // Reichsratsstraße 17 // 1010 Wien

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