15 – 16 Sep 11 // International Symposium „Urban Citizenship Revisited“ // HU Berlin

Urban Citizenship Revisited

Rights, Recognition and Distribution in Berlin and Tel Aviv

September 15th & 16th 2011

The Urban and Regional Sociology Program at Humboldt-University Berlin is excited to announce the International Symposium: Urban Citizenship Revisited. Rights, Recognition and Distribution in Berlin and Tel Aviv.

The symposium will survey the field of urban citizenship practices in Berlin and Tel Aviv and theorize urban citizenship from a comparative and multidisciplinary perspective. Scholars from Israel, Germany, and other European countries will discuss current forms of inclusion and exclusion into the political, civic, economic, and cultural spheres of both cities, as well as theoretical questions concerning the analytical and normative framework of the urban citizenship concept.

Keynote Lecture by Oren Yiftachel & Closing Remarksby Roland Roth
Confirmed speakers: Yishai Blank // Talja Blokland // Nir Cohen // Henrik Lebuhn // Britta Grell // Duygu Gürsel // Christine Hentschel // Andrej Holm // Ina Kerner // Adriana Kemp // Kira Kosnick // Armin Kuhn // Stephan Lanz // Talia Margalit // Galia Rattner // Gökce Yurdakul

>>> Mehr Informationen HIER


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